Jaw Breakers 2015: The Official Lethal League Tournament

jawbreakers2015logo_tSunday, July 12th, players from all corners of the globe will come together for the first ever official, completely online Lethal League tournament, JAW BREAKERS 2015. This tournament is open to everyone in an attempt to find the best in the world. Sign up today and don’t forget to join the Lethal League Steam group for all the latest information for the tournament. Make new friends, crush old rivals, but remember: HAVE A JAWBREAKER!


  • 1st Place:
  • Lethal League Hat signed by Tim Remmers and Dion Koster, heads of Team Reptile
  • 4 copies of Lethal League
  • 1 copy of Megabyte Punch
  • An unique in-game badge
  • 2nd Place:
  • Lethal League Hat signed by Tim Remmers and Dion Koster, heads of Team Reptile
  • 2 copies of Lethal League
  • 1 copy of Megabyte Punch
  • 3rd Place:
  • Lethal League Hat signed by Tim Remmers and Dion Koster, heads of Team Reptile
  • 1 copy of Lethal League
  • 1 copy of Megabyte Punch
  • 4th Place:
  • 1 copy of Megabyte Punch

Oh wait, I see there is some room left for an announcement. While we work on new awesome things here at Team Reptile we are still supporting Lethal League and its community. We are happy to share with you that we will be adding a spectator mode for online Lethal League matches soon.

Now prepare for JAW BREAKERS 2015!


Reptile Recap #3

We have no big news or updates about the things we are working on. We were not in LA for the E3, no exclusive parties, no surprise releases. What we DO have is Lethal League T-shirts and some other cool things regarding Lethal League we found online.

We teamed up with the nice people of Eighty Sixed Clothing to bring you some custom Lethal League merchandise. Take a look at this first design which is available for sale now at Eighty Sixed. There will be more stuff soon so stay tuned!tshirtSquad

Next up is this cosplay duo. We were really impressed with this appearance of Latch and Candyman on A-kon a few weeks back. They really put some time and effort in this pieces. Well done Kyn Strider + GF!


Picture taken by ‘Geiston’ at A-Kon

Shame on us but we didn’t cover the Lethal League 2v2 Combo Breaker Grand Finals yet. In the grand finals the respected online Lethal League players N64(shffl), Monk, Tixl and Diplomat stepped into the 2v2 ring with Diplomat & Tixl in the blue corner and N64 & Monk in the red one. Obviously we won’t spoil the results but we witnessed an intense match with some awesome plays. We even saw some unintended competitive techniques! Stream by VGBootCamp and Commentators were ‘Nobody’ and ‘Somebody’. Thanks Combo Breaker for hosting this Lethal League tournament!

Make sure to check it out!


Reptile Recap #2

This week it was finally time for Mac and Linux users to join the Lethal League!

We tweaked things, fixed issues, added a hidden character and broke stuff. Unfortunately this update wasn’t as smooth as we had in mind. We had to make some essential changes ‘under the hood’ that affected quite some stuff throughout the game. Some angles might feel off, some specials are doing stuff they should not do. Inaccuracies fresh players probably won’t notice BUT our respected Lethal League pro’s with hours of training will! They expect “NO WEAK SHIT” and we shall deliver. At this very moment we are hot-fixing a lot of the issues and everything should be fixed right before Combo Breaker where Lethal League will make its appearance in the tournament. In the end we are pretty happy with this update because we can introduce a whole lot of new players to Lethal League.

Also, we added a secret playable character to the game. People who played the single player already met this noisy guy. How to unlock him you ask? Here’s a big hint: ‘SRSCRDL’. Where to enter this cheat code is up to you…LethalLeagueUpdate_Screenshot1_720

In other news, the good guys from the Humble Store are doing a fancy Spring Sale and Megabyte Punch and Lethal League are part of it!

Let’s end this week and start the weekend with this great Latch fan-art by Baldi Konijn. Be sure to check out the rest of his incredible work!baldikonijn

Reptile Recap

Next week on May 13 it’s finally time for the apples and penguins to join the Lethal League. We are working on some final fixes to smooth out everything as much as possible. If you already own the game you can join the public beta and help us tracking the remaining issues. On top of the Mac & Linux version we will also update the Windows version with minor additions and fixes. More information can be found here.

This week we added a Team Reptile Instagram account to our social media line-up. The idea is to share more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff with intimate pictures of our interns, unintentional leaks of future projects and Dion’s sick dancing moves. Reasons enough to follow our Instagram.

To wrap this week up we would like to remind you that there are some hype tournaments coming up like the 2v2 Lethal League tournament at Combo Breaker in Chicago 22-24 May. Registration is still open! On top of that you can join the weekly online tournaments hosted by LLtourneys here. These 1v1 double elimination tournaments bring together the top and casual players in some hype matches you should not miss.

Alright, that’s it for this week. We’re outta here!

logidoxify.tumblr.comCredits to Logic for this awesome Switch fan-art.

Switch Cosplay Friday

It’s Friday! Time to get dressed up for the weekend. Raffy did this the right way earlier this month. Look at this amazing Switch cosplay. LOOK AT THAT SKATEBOARD. LOOK! We have one request though. We would love to see some footage of Raffy riding the walls and ceiling as Switch.


Yesterday we opened a 3D art internship position for the second half of 2015, starting august/september). Are you the talented student we are looking for? Check out the vacancy and send us your portfolio as soon as possible because our seats are limited!

Fan-art Friday #7 and caps

After an exciting week with a lot of great responses to our 100k unit announcement and the Lethal League Steam Daily Deal it’s time for some serious stuff.


mdlune.tumblr.comIt has come to our knowledge that the notorious Candyman is pretty popular among the kids. Lune (who made this pink piece of fan-art) knows better and is aware of the dangers of free candy. “Last time someone offered me free candies, things got wrong. Got a 56.000mph ball making soup of my jaw!! x_x”

This week we got a big delivery of sweet Lethal League caps! We will be selling these unlimited edition genuine premium high quality Lethal League caps at the events we will be visiting. On top of that we are also giving away some of those! The first EVER person to get a Lethal League cap is Adam. On Facebook he told us he wants to play the game with his bro Rashel. Easy win! Congratulations Adam (we will reach out to you on FB).


Check out the Lethal League cap on Jelmar, our totally for-real tattooed intern.

We have no more news for you. Go now and have a great weekend!

Lethal League sold over 100k units – heading to other platforms

We are proud to announce that Lethal League has sold over 100.000 units worldwide and has been played for more than 500.000 hours since its release on Steam in August last year. This goes far beyond our expectations!

100kWhat does this milestone mean? It means that we currently have enough resources to keep doing what we love to do, create awesome games. It also means that we think it’s a good idea to bring Lethal League to other platforms starting with Mac & Linux. We will release a Mac & Linux version of Lethal League – including cross platform online multiplayer – on Steam on May 13, 2015.

Even more exciting is the fact that we are working on a console version of Lethal League too! As much as we want to we can’t announce any more details just yet.

Stay tuned for more details and thanks again for supporting us!


Fan-art friday #6 and pictures

Did you know Candyman and Latch are big buddies? We didn’t but according to this great fan-art by Sass they must be big buddies right? Check out her tumblr to see more of Sass‘ work.

sassafras-cats2 sassafras-cats.tumblr.com

Last two weeks we were out in the fields showing Lethal League. It was awesome to meet some of the hardcore Lethal League fans and play some matches with them. On top of that it is always great to introduce new players to the game. Some of the kids were really hooked after a few matches and kept coming back to challenge their friends. Events like these are also the perfect opportunity to stay in touch with the game press and cool youtubers.

Check out some pictures below of Insomnia54 and Dutch Comic Con

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fan-art and other stuff Friday #5


This morning there was a big power outage (which is pretty rare around here), the above image of Raptor represents the emotional state we were in. Scared, cold and lonely.

ryu-gemini.tumblr.com2Luckily we survived! All game engines are up and running again and we are working on some prrretty cool stuff. Just as Ryu, who created this cool fan-art piece from Raptor!

It has been a while since we showed Lethal League at an event. So it’s time to go out and hit some balls. This weekend (28/29 March) we will be showing Lethal League at the first edition of the Dutch Comic Con.

Next weekend (3/6 April) we will drop down in Coventry (UK) to show Lethal League at Insomnia54. Last year at Insomnia53 the game was live on stage which was pretty cool but this time we will be there in person. Feel free to challenge us!

That’s it for now, have a smashing weekend.

Team Reptile OUT