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Q4 2018

PC and console


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Lethal League Blaze is the sequel to the popular projectile-fighting game Lethal League, to be released in Q4 2018 on PC and console. Known for it's ridiculous speeds and hitstun, the original game was intense to watch and amassed tens of millions of views on youtube. This time around there will be more characters at launch, doubling those of the last game. There's also new game modes to choose from, like the event-based story mode and something called Lethal Volley. Team Reptile upped their game with improved, 3D graphics, but the game still maintains the extreme, high speed experience of the original Lethal League. Gameplay has also seen additions, with a grab move that allows you to pitch the ball back and directly counter your opponent's defense. The new HP setting will see you not instantly dying to the slowest speeds anymore. And of course there will be lots of hidden tricks for each character. Among the newcomers are Jet, a bubbly jetpacked inline skater and Grid, an electro mafioso who doesn't hold punches. What's more, the boss of the previous installment, Doombox, will return as a fully playable character in Lethal League Blaze. When it comes to the soundtrack, Klaus Veen will be returning with a remix of the infamous Ordinary Days. Frank Klepacki of Command and Conquer fame is contributing a track and Moscow based producer Pixelord joined the fray as well. Then there is a secret composer whose name should ring a bell, to be unveiled further down the line.


Team Reptile’s latest release is the original Lethal League on PS4 and Xbox One as their first console title. The team started out on PC when they released Megabyte Punch on Steam in 2013. After a baseball-fighting game prototype got featured in the finals of the UFGT mystery game tournament, plans were made to release a full game. That game, Lethal League, released in 2014, turned into a big hit among fighting game fans as well as youtubers like Game Grumps, TotalBiscuit and PewDiePie. After finishing the port of Lethal League for PS4 and Xbox One in early 2017, Team Reptile released an in-house made teaser for Lethal League Blaze showing off the skills they gained in the meantime. They are now working on delivering Lethal League Blaze in 2018.


  • Twice the amount of original characters
  • More extreme modes
  • Improved, high resolution graphics
  • A 'limited animation’ style that achieves the same high speed gameplay of the original Lethal League
  • Music from Frank Klepacki, Pixelord, Klaus Veen and more to be announced
  • Still no weak shit


Lethal League Blaze Teaser YouTube



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