Graffiti Battle

Team Reptile is organizing a Graffiti Battle where winners will be granted the opportunity to have their piece and name included in the ‘Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’ video game plus a $100 prize per winner.

How it works

Your piece could be painted in the game by the ‘Bomb Rush’ crew. These lovable vandals have been getting up all over the walls of New Amsterdam in an effort to become All City King. Can they do it? This is your chance to help them out.

Choose a size (Medium, Large, Extra Large), check the specs and send in your piece(s) before the end of December 8 CET. If you are a finalist, we will contact you with the details. Team Reptile will pick multiple winners at its sole discretion. Sending in a piece means you agree that we can use your artwork to promote this Graffiti Battle.


  • If you want to use letters, you can do BR, BRC, BOMB, RUSH, B-RUSH, BOMB RUSH, BOMB RUSH CREW or a word you like with a BRC throwup in the corner for example.
  • The sizes are Medium (1:1), Large (2:1) and Extra Large (3:1). You can send in one of these, all of them or any variation. At most 6 entries per person.
  • Use the template resolutions and send in a .PNG file with transparency. Medium, Large, Extra Large.
  • Send your work to:

What do we like to see?

  • Personal style. Stand out and don’t hold back on your weird/edge.
  • Just letters. Just characters. Both. It’s all good.
  • Style > art fundamentals.
  • Make it pop. It has to be eye-catching in the game world.

Weak shit (AKA disqualified)

  • Memes, pop culture/video game references, hate, public figures and so on.
  • Realistic paint splatters or drips. Because it is digital graffiti, it tends to look tryhard.
  • Too fine detail like you used a single hair brush or something.
  • Avoid using your own name as the piece, your preferred name will be credited in-game however.
pico pow [M] size by YAPICO
Bomb Burner [XL] by ENERGY