Cool Stuff Friday

There is so much cool stuff created by the Lethal League community!

Unfortunately we didn’t attend PAX this year. However, it appeared Candyman was there to spread the Lethal League message! Well, atleast he took pictures with nasty Doom enemies and he drove a unicorn. Sounds like something Candyman would do.


Candyman was in fact Dominic (@ModernDarwinist)


Next up is Crafekster. He made a custom character mod for the Lethal League anniversary. Looking pretty sick, great job!characterMod_crafekster

Talking about mods, Smellyhobo101 updated his Advanced Training mode to version 2.0. This advanced training mode adds some great functionality to the default training mode. Here you can practice all your angles, combo’s and corpse juggles to perfection. Check it out here.

On top of this Mr. Smellyhobo also created this multiple ball mode. Now he’s gone too far.

We want to wrap up this blogpost with two pretty faces. Say hello to our fresh interns Renhui & Thomas!