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Hey everyone, Dion here. As you know 18 Augustus is when Bomb Rush Cyberfunk comes out on Steam and on Nintendo Switch. We are hereby also announcing the game will release on Playstation and Xbox shortly afterwards, making it a full multiplat release.

Right now we are doing the final touches on the game. Making this game has been a great time, a very natural avenue for us and a personal one for me. That is not to say there were no difficulties, but already the fact that I am dancing in my own game certainly makes me feel that it goes beyond the idea of a product. Heading more into having a blast and just expressing ourselves.

This way of thinking has evolved during the course of the development of BRC and I can still see so much more depth to explore in the mixture of street and fiction, cyber and funk. So that’s why, regardless of reception, I would like to formally announce we will be creating more of these type of games after Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Have another look at the most recent trailer and see you around:

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