Jaw Breakers 2015 Recap

The first ever official online Lethal League tournament is a fact. Jaw Breakers 2015 turned out to be a great success. Sure there were some nasty issues here and there but overall it was an incredible experience. Great players, hype matches and a twitch livestream with live commentary!

We want to congratulate Pull with the well deserved first place. He and his Sonata fought well and while the grand finals had a rough start he had a great comeback where he defeated Mecha Soul. But hey why don’t you take a look at the livestream yourself. It’s raw footage from the stream so there might be a lot to skip.

For the tournament we used a special tournament client of Lethal League, for us this was a good opportunity to test the upcoming spectator mode in Lethal League. Before we can release the spectator mode officially there is still some work and polishing to be done. This client also did have some minor tweaks and bugfixes. We will patch these fixes in later today.

Finally we want to thank all the players who turned up for the tournament and the rest of the Lethal League community, you made this possible. Who also made this possible are Ebon94 who did a lot of the organisation on behalf of Team Reptile for JB2015, Badshot and Ugraum casting the matches and helping out with setting things up. SmellyHobo, YinYin and MaffeW for support and seeding.

We hope to see all enter in future tournaments!