Raptor: Heavyduty R. Evolution

Rev your engine!

The next DLC outfit is here!

And it comes with a story:

In an attempt to find out more about his past, Raptor tracked a piece of Rex Works equipment back to Citynetics, Shine City’s biggest construction company. After infiltrating the Citynetics factory with the help of Switch, he locked himself in one of the higher offices. Scrambling through some important documents, he noticed the names of the board directors. Reginald, Edgar and Xavier Saur. A loud bang erupted from the door. The guards had him cornered. Having lost his bat along the way, Raptor grabbed what gear he could find and mowed himself through the door.

As usual the pack has two variants:

  • The Heavyduty R. Evolution colorway. A bright overall with warning sign colors.
  • The Nightmare Survivalist colorway. A fever dream inspired monster look.

Get it on Steam here!