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Beachball Busters

This update spend a long time coming. As evidenced by a beachball in a winter update. Try the new ball type out under ‘ball type’ in the character select options dropdown. Aside from gameplay tweaks, we focussed our attention to connectivity issues players have had when playing online and rematching. Despite being inherently hard to pinpoint, we were able to solve various problems. It’s possible new issues come forward shortly after this update, in which case please bear with us as we try to fix these.

Next, let’s go through some of the changes.

Spectator mode
You can now join a game lobby and be a spectator. If the lobby is already full with 4 players you will be automatically assigned to a spectator spot. As a spectator you can watch the match and won’t experience any lag which is ideal for streaming matches and tournaments.

Scaling parry knockback
This is a big chance for higher level play. The knockback duration after being parried is now linked to the speed (and therefore hitpause) of the ball. This should mean no more guaranteed parry K.O’s on lower speeds, making matches reach higher speeds on average. On lower speeds, parry victims will have time to take a swing and the parry initiator can choose to aim towards or away from his or her target.

Clashing limited to facing
You can now only clash with attacks oriented towards you. Clashing was a bit too random and not fun enough to make up for it. This should stop the more odd-looking cases of clashing.

The hard limit of 5 corpse hits has been removed. However, once the ball is in play in the next burst, active corpses can not be hit anymore and energy is reset. Also, corpse hurtboxes have been scaled down a bit to make more sense visually.

Holiday modifications
The holiday modifications are back! We also added a christmas tree to Room 21 and gave Candyman a nice christmas hat. For all your safety we removed the slippery ice physics in the Abandoned Pool. If you’re reading this you’ll most likely own a copy of the game but if you have some friends or family who, for some reason, don’t own the game there is always the holiday sale. 66% OFF! You can get a 4-pack for the prize of one copy. Ridiculous.

– Added spectator mode
– Added beachball ball type, unlocked by default
– Corpse hurtbox size is reduced by 25%.
– Dynamic parry knockback, except for serves
– Corpses can now be hit until the ball is fully returned in play
– All player energy is reset at the reactivation of the ball now
– Swing clashes and bunt clashes now only happen when facing each other
– Fixed screen shake interrupting/overlapping which caused long shakes to suddenly stop
– Moved extra impact effect to speeds over 50
– Taunt resets the ball in training mode
– Added a bunt and a taunt to a certain character
– Fixed corpses freezing on special activation of a certain character
– Added an effect on a certain character’s special
– Dice can now also superjump by holding up
– Dice UI graphics tweaked
– Flashing effects can now be turned off in the game options
– Raptor special hold doesn’t default to his smash angle anymore
– Fixed CPU looking to the right after a burst
– Fixed CPU not respecting parries
– Fixed the boombox hitpause meter ignoring the parry hit


Best wishes from the whole team. See you again in 2016

Reptile Recap #2

This week it was finally time for Mac and Linux users to join the Lethal League!

We tweaked things, fixed issues, added a hidden character and broke stuff. Unfortunately this update wasn’t as smooth as we had in mind. We had to make some essential changes ‘under the hood’ that affected quite some stuff throughout the game. Some angles might feel off, some specials are doing stuff they should not do. Inaccuracies fresh players probably won’t notice BUT our respected Lethal League pro’s with hours of training will! They expect “NO WEAK SHIT” and we shall deliver. At this very moment we are hot-fixing a lot of the issues and everything should be fixed right before Combo Breaker where Lethal League will make its appearance in the tournament. In the end we are pretty happy with this update because we can introduce a whole lot of new players to Lethal League.

Also, we added a secret playable character to the game. People who played the single player already met this noisy guy. How to unlock him you ask? Here’s a big hint: ‘SRSCRDL’. Where to enter this cheat code is up to you…LethalLeagueUpdate_Screenshot1_720

In other news, the good guys from the Humble Store are doing a fancy Spring Sale and Megabyte Punch and Lethal League are part of it!

Let’s end this week and start the weekend with this great Latch fan-art by Baldi Konijn. Be sure to check out the rest of his incredible work!baldikonijn

Do you have Sonata’s voice?

Team Reptile is looking for a voice actress for one of Lethal League’s new characters, Sonata!

Go to our dev blog and read on for a chance to contribute to Lethal League by having your voice featured in the game as one of the playable characters.
The Character
Name: Sonata
Type: Human
Age: 23
Background: As a pro b-girl, Sonata is all about pushing her body to its physical limits in the name of showmanship and impressing her audience. She has joined the league to boost her recognition and fame. She wields a giant boombox hammer effortlessly, owing to her diligent training.

Sonata game sprite

Announcing Lethal League


Check out the trailer and the new landing site

Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where the goal is to launch a ball into the face of your opponent. Lethal League first gained notoriety when it was featured as the grand final ‘Mystery Game’ on UFGT9. It quickly became clear that the extreme nature of the game, mixed with the stylized street visuals and chip-hop music hit a sweet spot with the crowd. The game is currently in development and will be released Q3 2014 on Steam.

-Highly competitive gameplay.
-High performance online GGPO multiplayer.
-Up to 4 players.
-Mad art.
-Banging beats by various artists.
-No weak shit.

Indieprize Showcase

Why would we go to Casual Connect 2014? We don’t make mobile or casual games, we don’t necessarily like F2P stuff. It felt we had no reason to go there at all even though it was only a few miles away from our office! Fortunately we were invited to show the current version of Lethal League at the Indieprize showcase hosted at Casual Connect 2014.

The location (Beurs van Berlage) was impressive and the main hall was reserved for all the indie developers (110!) who were invited. We had a great time meeting great developers, making new friends, party hard and of course showing the latest version of Lethal League which is currently in closed beta on Steam.

The response we received on the game was really impressive, we heard quite some oOoOOooOH, aAAAaaAH and other unidentifiable screams. It’s currently our most valuable measurement tool for defining the good things in the game. Also the word of mouth during the event was pretty effective. A lot of people kept returning to our booth to show this “insane” game to their friends and colleagues. All the positive attention the game got was pretty exciting and we would certainly be up for more!

Several other developers said this before but it doesn’t really matter what kind of event it is. If it’s an opportunity to showcase your game, go for it! We will continue showing Lethal League at several events this year so stay tuned to find out where we will be next!

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Here’s a full-shot of the original Lethal League main character Raptor, to be used for character selection and promo stuff. He has had some subtle design changes to make him a bit less bland compared to the rest of the cast. We also redid his in-game animations to match his new design.

Raptor, like all the characters, now has a history and motivation to participate in the illegal extreme sport that is Lethal League. The singleplayer mode won’t be following a story, but we’re looking for ways to show the depth in a different way. So please look forward to that!


Follow the development of Lethal League here.

Local League

Last Friday we were invited to a local event in Dion’s beautiful home town Laren. Great location, Live DJ on the wheels of steel and B-boys jamming on the dance floor in front of the game.

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