We are sponsoring Lethal League Blaze as a main event at MICHIGAN MASTERS 2020: PERFECT VISIONand dropping a $300 pot bonus on it!

The prize pot will be further fueled by the event registration fee of $10 from every participant.

31500 Wick Rd, Romulus, MI 48174, USA
Right next to the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport!

March 27th-29th 2020
Follow @MIMastersFGC to be notified about the exact schedule.

The $55 venue registration ends on March 1st!
It goes up to $65 for late registrations and $80 at the door.

Dice Wrappings!

The ‘Late Stage Illmatic’ and ‘Lethal Infection’ DLC outfits for Dice will come to Steam on February 21st.

Community Survey

We’ve been polling you on your opinions of Lethal League Blaze and character balance for over a year now. It’s time to share some results!

Since community opinions aren’t unanimous and the generated tier list has become even more crowded than before, we picked a format that reflects just how much agreement each placement has.

Normal distribution peaks for each characters placement between best and worst, cropped to the relevant range of good and average — the higher and sharper the peak, the more agreement there is!

What’s the verdict? As numbers alone don’t paint the whole picture, we looked through all text submissions as well (you can read some public responses here) and have already decided on two balance changes for an upcoming patch:

  • Grid is getting his bunt out of special back
  • Candyman will only gain 1 special bar from chaining the candyball

There are other changes to come. Expect more info when the Dice outfits are released!

As a bonus, this is the same chart using data from a year ago.