The Nintendo Switch Performance Patch Is Here!

And it has a few extra treats we have not mentioned before! Hold on tight, these will later come to all the other platforms with the Shadow Surge update as well.

  • You can now smash from the ground if you jump on the same frame
  • You can also double jump on the first frame of a smash
  • Latch’s special has an extra angle:
    hold down-forward to release the ball in a new direction
  • You no longer need to crouch for performing a grounded Switchflip,
    just hold down
  • You can now turn in the air while holding up
  • Fixed Candyman not getting hit on a re-candy parry grab
  • Disallowed parry after a grab is countered
  • Made certain outfits a bit cheaper
  • Jet and Doombox are no longer swapped
    when backing out of their showcase
  • You can now configure a fourth controller in the input options

Lethal League Blaze at Heat Wave 3

We are sponsoring the tournament at Heat Wave 3 in Arizona this weekend with $300, which brings the total pot bonus up to $400!

At the time of writing, sign ups are at 33 players. That makes this the second largest local Lethal League Blaze tournament after stunfest!

If you cannot make it there yourself, the live stream is scheduled for
5 PM MST on Saturday October 19 at
with Dair Productions casting it.