Survey Winners

Recently we asked you to do a little survey for us. We gathered all the entries and this resulted in quite some interesting information. The survey had close to 1000 entries and we are very thankful for that! From all the entries we randomly picked 5 winners for a Megabyte Punch steam key.

The winners are:
– d.firulev
– shftd
– Javier A. Arrillaga
– dervown
– tafforeaum

Congratulations! If you are one of the winners you should have received the steam key in your inbox. If not, please check your spam. Still no key? Please send us a message at contact at

Interesting statistic: 91% of you would be interested in watching Lethal League tournaments and 72% would be interested in competing in a Lethal League tournament.

If you want to compete in an online tournament the guys from Lethal League Tourneys are hosting weekly tournaments, make sure to join and show them your Switch Flips and Jawbreakers.


You can sign up here:

Have a smashing weekend!


Fan-art Friday #3

Guess what. It’s Friday and we still have loads of incredible fan-art. Since today is a special day we will feature two artists!

First to enter the stage is this Sonata by Nekophelia. Sonata fan-art is quite rare so we were glad to find this piece. What a great style! Check out the rest of Nekophelia’s work here and follow her on twitter.

Even more rare is Dice fan-art. Douglas’ favorite character was Candyman until he started getting good at playing as Dice. So good that he dedicated this nice fan-art piece (he calls it a doodle) to him. Check out the rest of Douglas’ work here

You got some doodles we should see? Feel free to send your work to or share it with us on twitter or facebook.

Fan-art Friday #2

Check out these sick Latch, Candyman and Switch by Thomas Bramall. Our favorite for this set is definitely Switch. That’s exactly how Switch looks at you right before he destroys you with a kickflip.

We are always very excited to see fan-art from fellow game artists. Thomas is a Lead Character artist on Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty and you can check out the rest of his work here or follow him on twitter @tombramall tda3d.tumblr.com2 tda3d.tumblr.com3


Did you drew some fancy fan-art too? Feel free to send your work to or share it with us on twitter or facebook.


Fan-art Friday #1


Candyman and Latch are pretty popular among Lethal League fan-art creators. For this first fan-art spotlight we picked this Latch and Candyman combo by Rachel from Ontario, Canada aka ‘Life Writer’. Great work!

You can check the rest of her cool work at

Did you create some crazy fan-art too? Feel free to send your work to or share it with us on the social site things.


An ordinary interview: Klaus Veen

Recently Klaus Veen’s track ‘Ordinary Days’ ended up as the favorite Lethal League track with almost 50% of the votes. Kelvin Van Veenendaal a.k.a. Klaus Veen is a young beatmaker from a small village in the Netherlands, called Laren. We asked him to have a little chat with us. 

Klaus, can you tell us a little something about who you are and what you do?

I’m currently a sound designer at an app Klaus Veencompany, where I mostly create sounds/music for apps/games. I grew up in a musical family; almost every family member played an instrument. When I was a little Klaus, my uncle got himself a TR-909 (“housy” drum machine) and I immediately fell in love with the punchy kicks and funky loops he got out of it. Since then I always had interest in electronic sounds and started playing with them.

How did the name Klaus Veen came about?

I’ve played a lot of Counter-Strike and used “Klaus” as nickname. Klaus was the name of a musician called Klaus Wunderlich and every time I killed someone I played an obvious tune of him. Just for the troll of it. Veen comes from my last name, Veenendaal, makes sense.

When did you start producing your own music? 

I remember my first tunes when I was 10/11 years old. I got a pc with a music tool called “ReBirth”. This amazing piece of software taught me the basics of electronic sounds at a younger age in an internet-free era. No Google or Youtube-tutorials were there for instructions, all I had was trial and error. Most of my music were different genres, I never intended to stick with a specific genre because I just made the music for myself. I never had much interest to compose for publicity. Could explain why I never really “deejay-ed”.

What are your biggest influences when creating new tracks?

Much house artists like Kerri Chandler, Todd Terry and other older producers were a great influence to me. There is only 1 artist that got me in to this 4×4 garagy-house style, Todd Edwards. Most of House music from the 90s until now are all founded on repetitive beats with bombastic sweeps and swipes. Todd Edwards was the only artist that got me psyched because he was magically able to create musical, key-changing bangers, which almost no other housy “EDM” track has nowadays.

Do you get a lot of reactions on ‘Ordinary Days’ via Lethal League players?

Since the release of Lethal League I’m getting much support on my bandcamp page. So many downloads! I never knew “Ordinary Days” could have so much response… All the money I get from this is going in new synthesizers and drum machines. I’ve already got myself a 80s synth, the “DX 7”, that’s already in some newer tracks after Ordinary Days. It really motivates me to see so much positive reactions on my work!

What can we expect from you in the future?

When I get a musical kick, I start my engines and I just go with the flow. No pressure.

Last but not least; who is your favorite character in Lethal League?

I should choose Candyman since he’s almost the face of Ordinary Days, but my real favourite is Raptor. Feels nostalgic, playing the baseball fellow back in the early Lethal League days.

Thanks a lot for your time!

If you want to hear more beats from Klaus Veen you can check out his work below.

Launch and future plans

To start off, Lethal League had a great launch, hitting the target we had set for a month in barely half a week. There’s a lively scene of players and it appears to be steadily growing. From competitive-heads wrecking rookies online in Quick Match to party-goers playing local Free For All battles. Here’s a big thank you from Team Reptile for playing our game and telling your friends!


Do you have Sonata’s voice?

Team Reptile is looking for a voice actress for one of Lethal League’s new characters, Sonata!

Go to our dev blog and read on for a chance to contribute to Lethal League by having your voice featured in the game as one of the playable characters.
The Character
Name: Sonata
Type: Human
Age: 23
Background: As a pro b-girl, Sonata is all about pushing her body to its physical limits in the name of showmanship and impressing her audience. She has joined the league to boost her recognition and fame. She wields a giant boombox hammer effortlessly, owing to her diligent training.

Sonata game sprite

Announcing Lethal League


Check out the trailer and the new landing site

Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where the goal is to launch a ball into the face of your opponent. Lethal League first gained notoriety when it was featured as the grand final ‘Mystery Game’ on UFGT9. It quickly became clear that the extreme nature of the game, mixed with the stylized street visuals and chip-hop music hit a sweet spot with the crowd. The game is currently in development and will be released Q3 2014 on Steam.

-Highly competitive gameplay.
-High performance online GGPO multiplayer.
-Up to 4 players.
-Mad art.
-Banging beats by various artists.
-No weak shit.

Indieprize Showcase

Why would we go to Casual Connect 2014? We don’t make mobile or casual games, we don’t necessarily like F2P stuff. It felt we had no reason to go there at all even though it was only a few miles away from our office! Fortunately we were invited to show the current version of Lethal League at the Indieprize showcase hosted at Casual Connect 2014.

The location (Beurs van Berlage) was impressive and the main hall was reserved for all the indie developers (110!) who were invited. We had a great time meeting great developers, making new friends, party hard and of course showing the latest version of Lethal League which is currently in closed beta on Steam.

The response we received on the game was really impressive, we heard quite some oOoOOooOH, aAAAaaAH and other unidentifiable screams. It’s currently our most valuable measurement tool for defining the good things in the game. Also the word of mouth during the event was pretty effective. A lot of people kept returning to our booth to show this “insane” game to their friends and colleagues. All the positive attention the game got was pretty exciting and we would certainly be up for more!

Several other developers said this before but it doesn’t really matter what kind of event it is. If it’s an opportunity to showcase your game, go for it! We will continue showing Lethal League at several events this year so stay tuned to find out where we will be next!

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Here’s a full-shot of the original Lethal League main character Raptor, to be used for character selection and promo stuff. He has had some subtle design changes to make him a bit less bland compared to the rest of the cast. We also redid his in-game animations to match his new design.

Raptor, like all the characters, now has a history and motivation to participate in the illegal extreme sport that is Lethal League. The singleplayer mode won’t be following a story, but we’re looking for ways to show the depth in a different way. So please look forward to that!


Follow the development of Lethal League here.