More Merchandise & Medical Mashup Beta Round 2

We’ve got more new material at whatsneu, including some first-ever Megabyte Punch merchandise!

Patch for Megabyte Punch Switch version

On launch we received some reports about Megabyte Punch crashing on the Nintendo Switch. We have found the issue and fixed it. The patch for that and a few other minor tweaks is on the way!

This funky bug is caused by using the Shield Engine Arm or leaving one of your own mines hanging around upon going through a door. So you can avoid it for now by not using these parts:

  • Shield Engine Arm
  • Bomba Head
  • Zylin Chest
  • Zomzom Hip
  • Toxi Hoodi
  • Khepriogram Core

Blaze 1.19 Beta Round 2

The Medical Mashup update for Lethal League Blaze on Steam is nearing completion and it’s time to give the beta another whirl.

Here is the full list of goodies updated since the previous beta:

  • corpses don’t become invisible on Grid bunt special
  • Candyballs now match the Candyman outfit
  • Jet can taunt hover sooner after each jump
  • Jet hover stops vertical movement faster
  • you will no longer jump out of a taunt hover
  • retro stages only appear in competitive/ranked, if both players select one
  • new random retro stage option unlock
  • retro city streets no longer has glitchy red outlines
  • the pyrotechnics have moved further away from the stadium cage
  • new HP option working correctly now
  • new powerup options working correctly now
  • new video option for camera movement

To participate, bring up your game Properties…, head over to the BETAS tab and select public-beta from the drop down.

Want to give us feedback or test it together with others?
Join our discord and head over to the #public-beta channel.

More upcoming online tournaments!

Lots of them!

  • A North America only one by Dair Productions with a $50 prize pool
  • A second Quarantined Rapport with a European and North American bracket
  • Dedicated console tournaments
  • and more!

All of these are also happening in our reptile hideout discord server.